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Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

1, returned goods packaging, accessories, logo, etc. must be in good condition;

2, must not be used, washed traces, face / back without damage, which does not affect the secondary sales;

3, we do not assume responsibility caused because of customer trade dress, packaging, accessories and performance obligations to return merchandise damaged.

5, do not contact our customer service, not pictures voucher directly returned merchandise, we have the right not to be accepted.

6, shipment arrival please when the courier plane sign, if the goods are damaged, please contact the online customer service directly refusal and explanation. Goods have been received, the feedback afterwards damaged goods, we reserve the right inadmissible.

Returns processing method described

Without the customer service center to confirm or not to return.

Packaging damage caused by customers, or parts shortage, not returned.

Return Process

1. Please return the merchandise before contact our customer service, help us to help you organize records and timely refund, no contact directly send and losses borne by the customer.

2, If quality problems need to return, you must provide photo as proof.

3. When returning, please fill out a piece of paper, notes their name, phone number, address, the reasons for return, return together with the goods.

4, after sending, be sure to inform the customer that you send our express logistics a single number, if there is no single number result in the loss of the shipment, and we do not bear any loss.

5. Once we receive will be 1 to 2 working days to inform you that you deal with a replacement or a refund.

Fourth, Return postage

If customers are not satisfied or the size of the problem return, return postage borne by the customer;