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Privacy Notice

1. Personal Information

In this privacy policy written in "Personal Information" means the custody of this website membership number, name, gender, mailing address, telephone number, address, identity card number and other information through a combination of one or more of the information that is You can identify a specific individual. You also have the right to record and fill the additional information in the system. This information may include.

2. Personal Information Disclosure

Members of management;

Sell or provide the Site or third party goods, rights, digital content, logistics services (hereinafter collectively referred to as "commodities")

Conduct marketing activities and questionnaires.;

When use of this site and subsites provided must be registered members of the service, to simplify registration procedures for members;

Notification necessary information site service operations, such as delivery, customs clearance, delivery and other transport. (Including e-mail, SMS);

For this site and the third-party product advertising, publicity and promotion (including e-mail, SMS);

To obtain statistics by Member registration information for a targeted manner to our members to provide new products.

3. Security

The website for the necessary personal information will be protected by technical means to ensure their safety. Also in accordance with the provisions of this website management standards strictly manage personal information, take a firewall, anti-virus software with a variety of strategies, the backup server data, etc., in order to prevent loss due to viral infection caused by personal information, destruction, alteration, disclosure. Even though we have these security measures, but there is no "perfect security" on the Internet.

4. Personal Information

This site processing of personal information in accordance with the relevant Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.

You can always modify or update your personal information and password (after successful login).

5. Update on privacy protection policy

This website is to adapt or change laws and regulations need to be revised in accordance with the privacy policy to protect personal information, later revised, we will publish the latest privacy policy.